Priapism as a Opposite Side of Erectile Dysfunction


Priapism is a long, sometimes painful erection of cavernous body which does not have any relation to the sexual excitement at all. No doubt, the erection of so impressive duration will be inevitably followed by morbidity and even some change of physiologically normal coloring of cavernous body’s skin. This medical emergency which always demands immediate and qualified medical care! There are two types of priapism. They are:

  • low-flow priapism;
  • high-flow priapism.

We will notice that priapism can quite develop absolutely st any age of the man or boy, however, it is usually observed mostly at children aged from 5 till 10 years, and also at the men who have reached age 25-50. It would be desirable to note that this quite rare pathological state, the patients having such problem, consist of about 0,2 %. Priapism can meet about 1 time in 2500 addressed urological patients. Of course, priapism is a not so widespread but there are cases when you need some medical assistance.

For the best understanding of this state, we will address the anatomic reference. The penis of the man consists of three various spheres from two of which are cavernous and one spongy. Physiologically normal erection occurs always owing to essential relaxation of smooth muscles, and also sharp strengthening of an arterial blood-flow of the events directly in the cavernous bodies. It is natural that it causes significant increase the cavernous bodies and respectively rigidity.

Further, the cavernous bodies increased in a size significantly squeeze veins which pass alongside with the penis. And as a result of the blood congestion all in the same the cavernous bodies penis thereby begins to occur. Priapism, as a rule, is followed by considerable violation of the venous outflow of blood from the penis, and as a result of it, the erection receives resistant character. It is necessary to tell that most often priapism is capable to affect exclusively cavernous bodies – at this disease, the spongy body relating to the urethra doesn’t suffer.

It is obvious that erectile dysfunction has both sides, as well as erectile dysfunction, has its opposite side such as priapism. My Canadian Pharmacy has a range of medications used to treat priapism, that’s why you may easily use the service to improve your erectile function. Thousands of customers choose our store due to reasonable pricing and refund policy.

Really speaking erectile function may be improved by various methods which are devoted to reviving the sexual life and health for both partners. Start the treatment right now and receive the pleasure from life in general.

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