Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

As a rule, many men don’t connect the increase in body weight with failures in the intimate sphere, but actually, excess weight or obesity is the main reason for frequent sexual function violations: decrease in inclination, impotence, infertility. A problem in intimate life with extra kilos occur at men more often than in 50% of cases.

Everything is because the ability to a child-bearing and production of sex hormones at men depends on the amount of fats. But with an excessive intake of fat, in a man’s organism begins to collect, the fatty tissue breaking production of hormones and leading to impotence. Therefore if you don’t want that the man’s erectile function has weakened, then surely you look in a mirror at the reflection and find out whether to exceed your reserves of fatty tissue admissible values. And if you have suddenly noticed that you are surrounded by failures in sexual life or sharply sexual desire has suddenly decreased, then be not too lazy to address the andrologist in time. After that visit, you may take under control your weight with effective remedies sold online.

Are Man’s Obesity and Erectile Function Interconnected?

Many diseases begin to develop after forty – an inflammation of the urinogenital system, obesity, varicosity, impotence, cardiovascular diseases, and others. And so the most terrible of them is obesity because this state promotes the development of both strokes, and heart attacks, and that impotence. Problems with excess weight arise at men because of the wrong and inactive (sedentary) way of life. The usual day of the modern person looks approximately so: a sofa – the car – office – the car – a sofa. With such a schedule, it will hardly turn out to move strongly, here fats also are laid. Unlike women, at men, the biggest congestion of fat is carried out in a stomach and as fatty tissue besides is hormonally active, it promotes the development of atherosclerosis, diabetes, and other diseases.

The obesity developing against the immense use of too greasy food undoubtedly will lead to impotence. All because fatty tissue prevents the normal production of men’s hormones, but well develops female (often at stout men effeminate lines and high timbre of voice). With age, the amount of testosterone decreases in itself and if take place alcohol, the excess weight, and smoking, then they accelerate this process, activity, and mobility of spermatozoa too gradually decreases. But man’s force can be kept even in 60 years if to follow certain rules. My Canadian Pharmacy may improve your erectile function offering you such preparations as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Pay attention to our special offers to save even more on your meds!

Not Everything Is Lost

It isn’t necessary to argue that obesity and erectile function are connected among themselves, therefore, to avoid possible problems with excess weight, first of all, it is necessary to move more and to eat properly. Fruit, vegetables, and grain products have to make a basis (2/3) of your food. You shouldn’t refuse meat and bird completely, they are a protein source, but it is better to use them in small amounts. Dairy products are necessary to a man’s organism too, but let they will be with the low content of fat (no more than 2,5%). And here it is necessary to refuse sweets, cakes, candies.

Of course, many heard also about such effective rule as not to eat after six o’clock in the evening, but sometimes the man can’t normally eat till this time, then it is necessary to try to have supper in 4 hours prior to going to sleep. And let your dinner will consist of fish, seafood or bird, but not of soup, fried potato with meat and couples of sandwiches at the same time. If you have no opportunity to visit a gym go sports section, then will be even usual evening jogs or frequent and regular walking enough.

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