Keep in mind that some of the drugs available on the website of My Canadian Pharmacy require a valid prescription from a doctor or another licensed health care professional.

If the product is labeled as Rx, you will have to send a copy of the prescription to the pharmacy via email or fax. Prescriptions are divided into several types. There are prescriptions for a one-time purchase, urgent, for free holidays and others. The Rx can be valid for several days, months or a year. You can buy prescription medicine only while an RX is valid. Some drugs have a maximum permissible number of prescriptions. Even if the course of treatment needs more, only this quantity will be sold.

But most of our products do not require a prescription (OTC drugs). They have been found to be sufficiently safe and acceptable for use without supervision by a healthcare professional, such as a therapist; they are sold to consumers without an Rx. These include vitamins, herbals, general health items, and other products.


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