Age of Impotence

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

In our society, it is considered to be that by old age the man loses the sexual force. The age of impotence looks younger every year – if in seventy years nobody is surprised by erectile function disorder that in twenty years the similar diagnosis causes real panic, fear. At such an early age, this disease seems something shameful and even humiliating.

Development of impotence is influenced not only by age but also by many other factors. They include:

  • wrong way of life;
  • improper nutrition regimen;
  • current diseases;
  • use of various drugs.

At what age a man becomes impotent?

Men of 50 years and older have more percentage of becoming impotent. About 49% are men aged from 40 – 50 years old. 26% are men aged 30 – 40, and 22% are guys aged 20 – 30 years old. ED and Age

What causes impotence at a young age?

The erection occurs due to the work of elastic and collagenic fibers. With age, these fabrics lose properties, gradually change. For this reason disorder of erectile function at an advanced age is more probable.

Man’s problems with erectile dysfunction connect also with the fact that tunica albuginea flexibility degree changes over time. At a decrease in collagen level, a venous leak is observed – as a result, blood passes through inguinal veins much worse, it leads to the emergence of cavernous bodies ischemia.

There are two types of erectile dysfunction causes:

  • psychogenic – lies in the field of male mentality – it is psychological ED;
  • organic – violations of the organism’s work;
  • mixed type.

A mixture of these factors is very often observed. The psychoinjuring situation as a result of which the young man becomes diffident and uncertain in own forces leads to early erectile dysfunction. The difference of impotence at an early age is that ability to obtain an erection, in this case, remains, guy loses it at the moment of intimate proximity.

You shouldn’t be panic ahead of time – very often after necessary inspection, erectile dysfunction diagnosis isn’t confirmed.

Drugs can be impotence cause at a young age when used for:

  • ulcer treatment;
  • cardiac diseases;
  • vessels disorders;
  • other pathologies.

In this case, erectile function disorders most often take place after drug intake termination or after their replacement by safer and harmless generic.

Almost all men are concerned about questions connected with impotence – symptoms, age, methods of fight against this disease. The main factor of risk of impotence is age, though it is not the main thing. Here great role is played by a state of male health. If a man cares of himself, keeps a healthy lifestyle, then in sixty, he will look like he is forty. But there are men also who by forty years manage to get various diseases, also sexual functions, as a result, can be broken.

Treatment methods

It is necessary to add mental disorders, alcohol abuse and tobacco smoking to this list erectile dysfunction causes. Also at men injuries and heredity can lead to sexual violations. My Canadian Pharmacy points out that it is very important to know everything about how to prevent impotence development in the early stages. We recommend that you pay attention to prescriptions such as:

  1. Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate);
  2. Cialis (Tadalafil);
  3. Levitra;
  4. Kamagra;
  5. Propecia.

Anyway, if you have erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to see immediately a doctor – he will carry out diagnostics, on basis of inspection existence or absence of this disease, and in case of need it will be revealed, effective erectile dysfunction treatment will be appointed.

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